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What Are The Characteristics Of The Landscape Model?

- Oct 19, 2017 -

What are the characteristics of the landscape model?

With the improvement of living standards, we are living environment requirements are also rising, and now the district in the supporting are very perfect, which in the landscape design is already the core of the district, but in the production of these landscape before, many Real estate developers will choose to create a landscape sand table to visit the show, but you know the landscape models have what characteristics?


The garden model organically combines the form of garden landscape with the content, and displays a simulation and three-dimensional visual image in a unique way. It is an important means of visual planning and landscape design. It is widely used in landscape and real estate industry. Its characteristics are as follows:

1, intuitive, three-dimensional, three-dimensional

      Garden model is an intuitive, three-dimensional, three-dimensional form of expression, and two-dimensional plan of the garden program or construction plans are very different, it made with solid material three-dimensional model, visual display landscape design concept, function, Has a strong three-dimensional space expression.

2, terrain complex building types

      Garden terrain is usually very complex, generally based on different terrain design different landscape, and the landscape structure requirements. Therefore, the garden sand table according to the planning requirements, making kiosks, Taiwan, floor, Court and other sketches.

3, amusement facilities and more rich landscape level

      In the garden green space center or activity area, usually have a variety of recreational facilities, and recreational facilities, body, color, materials and other changes in large, plus a wide range of garden planning plants, the model should pay attention to the plant species , Color and texture, but also refer to the configuration relationship between the tree species and plant space environmental effects. This gave the garden sand table model produced a certain degree of difficulty.

4, garden model is the miniature effect of the landscape

      Garden sand table with miniature form, realistic display of the garden, in a unique form to convey and express the concept of garden design. At the same time with superb technical means to simulate the real dynamic fountain, water, street and comedy, as far as possible to achieve the simulation results.

5, garden model has a high aesthetic and practical value

      Garden model to the image of the three-dimensional three-dimensional form, to show people green mountains and rivers, flowers and birds and millions of mansions, people can easily be attracted by its unique artistic charm. While simulating the real environment, people clearly interpret the layout of the garden space, traffic flow lines.


      Even if the production process and then cumbersome and complex, garden sand table can also be rational and artistic combination of the perfect, intuitive image to show the designer's design concept, to show the unique charm of the garden sand table.

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