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Virtual Talk, So Modern Hall More Technology And Fun

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Virtual talk, so modern hall more technology and fun

Virtual talk is a commonly used technology in modern exhibition halls, a combination of virtual and real people. Although virtual, but the experience is very real. Compared to the traditional explanation, add technology and fun, so widely loved. Grand Canyon produced Jixi graphite exhibition hall, had used virtual talk technology, has been excellent response.


Virtual presentation using three-dimensional animation, human-computer interaction infrared sensor processing, large screen display, projector rear projection technology to achieve, mainly through projection on the screen to create a very realistic virtual character, when the audience walked to the front of the screen When the screen of the guide to activities, waving to the audience, say hello, introduce some of the museum's show and philosophy.

      The screens used by the virtual tour guide can be selected according to the style and features of the exhibition hall using various devices such as ion TVs, rear projection screens, or projection glass, which can be perfectly integrated into the exhibition hall, saving both space and technology Sex and fun.

Virtual talker, used in modern showrooms:

1, the virtual tutorial is a flexible application of close projection technology, to show any graphics, and is all-round, any angle of the display.

2, the virtual guide can choose to live, you can also use cartoon characters, said the way is very novel, compared to traditional characters to explain more scientific and interesting.

3, virtual to explain high technology, stylish appearance, can bring visual enjoyment.

4, virtual to explain more fluid and comfortable, long time to explain the service, without rest, can save on explaining labor costs.

      With the development of science and technology, the technology used in the modern exhibition hall is more and more scientific and diversified, and the requirements for the exhibition hall production company are also getting higher and higher. Grand Canyon Group focus on the design and production of exhibition halls, with more than 1,000 professionals of all kinds, with the industry's most powerful cross-border integration of resources, the "science and technology" and "art" perfect fusion, providing a complete visual engineering solutions, Flexibility to meet the different needs of different clients, the exhibition is the preferred production company.

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