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The Luxury Version Of The Exquisite Wooden Ancient Model

- Apr 09, 2018 -

"Beyond the prequel biography of knighthood" around the luxury version of the exquisite wooden ancient model

"Knighthood biography" will be officially listed on the 28th of this month, exciting moments are coming! Different from the "Knighthood biography" of the biography is: Squadron mode in the knighthood prequel enables the player to be more hearty battle experience. In addition, the game not only adds a lot of gameplay, but also has a certain improvement in the picture quality.


         There will be more surprises in this Deluxe Edition package, and all items will add up to 15 pieces. Today will introduce to everyone the "Knighthood biography biography" around the luxury - game wood, architectural models.


As one of the important main cities of "The Xia Chuan Qian Zhuan Zhuan Zhuan", it still occupies more scenes in the whole story of the game. This place is surrounded by mountains and rivers and the environment is very beautiful. One of the luxury editions of "The Knights of the Precursors" is a wooden jigsaw model made of the Yichun Academy in Hangzhou City. I hope that this ancient building model can restore the entire building full of antiques to everyone.


The building model presented in the deluxe version will be made of wood materials, natural color and no odor. The entire model will be assembled using 118 different parts and the manual will be included in the model. It's time to cultivate patience!


However, when the entire model is stitched, an exquisite high-end craft will stand in front of you, which will give you a small sense of accomplishment!

         The gzszj focused on model design for 22 years and had also produced a number of ancient building models. The ancient building models were all made with realistic production and highlighted their details. The lines embodied in the model are linear and straight, while the curves are smooth and smooth. If the roof is lifted and the roof rises and rises, it will create a gentle and graceful curve effect. In addition, we also finely sculpt the main components of the building such as pillars, beams, trusses, gongs, gongs, and brackets. Exterior decoration such as railings in the corridor, hanging down from the armpits, doors and windows, etc.

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