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The Common Use Of Greening Landscape In Building Model

- Oct 20, 2017 -

The common use of greening landscape in building model

The main components of the model for the building model and green landscape, the main material is generally used for the construction of the main building, and auxiliary materials are mostly used for architectural details or green landscape production.


Architectural model commonly used in the green landscape materials:

1, timely paste: is a very wide application of a decoration only, mainly for the production of roads, water, green and the main building details, this material is cheap, easy to cut, single-sided plastic, is a strong surface Of the sand plate model making material.

2, flocking stickers: is a surface for the suede decorative materials. The material is less color, mainly in the sand plate model with green, generally used to make large areas of green space. This material is single-sided plastic, easy to operate, affordable. But the visual effect, the material in the use of its limitations.

3, simulation lawn: sand table for the production of green space for a special material, the material texture is good, color realistic, easy to use, high degree of simulation. At present, some of this material for the import, origin were Germany, Japan and other countries and China's Taiwan region, pay more expensive.

4, green powder: mainly used for mountain greening and the production of trees. The material is powder granular, more color types, through the reconciliation can produce a variety of greening effect, is the production of green environment is often used in a basic material.

5, foam: mainly for the production of green environment. The material is based on plastic raw materials, through the foam process, it has a different pore and fluffy. This material is plastic and strong, after a special treatment and processing can be made into a variety of highly simulated green environment with the trees. Is a use of a wide range of low-cost production of green environment of the basic materials.

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