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The Clay Model Of The Clay Molding Of Three Steps

- Oct 13, 2017 -

The clay model of the clay molding of three steps

Article clay molding is by rubbing good mud layer upon layer plate cast molding processing method.This way of forming the biggest characteristic is that can change the shape of a clay bar or plate built for different form of the appearance of the skin texture effect and modelling, such as water is obtained by pinch grain texture, different degree of mud plate connection part of the article built with mud and get the rhythm of skin texture, mud plate built in increasing shrink for different sizes of interface.Sand table model making process, the article mud method is relatively easy to processing molding, flexibility is strong, processing points three steps:

(1) the production floor.First prepare a clean piece of templates or sealing plate, covered with a layer of water absorption on cloth, this will be the bottom mud plate built in article.

(2) made of mud.According to the need to shape objects pinched out the right amount of clay, then rub the right degree of mud.

(3) the article mud plate at home.Article on the backplane built mud from the bottom up dish, with mud bond between article mud and mud.Plate construction process should pay attention to the following questions: 1, not an article will mud plate up too high, after a certain high level needs to wait for continue article mud dry up a dish up, otherwise the modelling may collapse;Article 2, make sure disc built mud between closely, viewed from the modelling of the wall, each layer of mud are combined into an organic whole, and the outer wall can be according to the different requirements of appearance modelling, choose bond or retain joint;Article 3, each layer of mud bond position cannot be in unity on a line, otherwise the line of fracture can be formed.

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