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Shanghai Model Fans Celebrated Their Eighth Holiday Shanghai Model Festival Activities Held

- Oct 31, 2017 -

Shanghai model fans celebrated their eighth holiday Shanghai model festival activities held

Now more and more people are keen on the activities of the model section. Recently, the eighth session of the Shanghai model festival activities held in the Oriental Green Boat, more than 4,000 cities in primary and secondary school students and parents to participate. It is reported that the activities started in June this year, attracted a total of more than 10 million primary and secondary school students and the community model enthusiasts apply.


The current model section is divided into six sections, including model competition, model performance, model production, model photography, model carnival and parent-child contest.

The event was organized by the Shanghai Science and Technology Education Center, the Oriental Green Boat, the Shanghai Military Sports Club and the Shanghai Association of School Education, which aims to build a platform for young people and model enthusiasts to show, communicate and contact the frontier model technology The platform.

        In the model competition, the "Galaxy Warrior" aerodynamic ship, in the model competition, in the model competition, the large-scale remote control launch of the fireworks show, the competition level of the remote helicopter performance and by the Songjiang empty model student students' In the model carnival, the China Maritime Museum, the Shanghai Automobile Museum and other units are also active in the model carnival, the "China Star Museum" and the "Qili Disney" planning creative model involved in the production and display; To participate in, respectively, the introduction of ancient ship production, 3D printing car and other interactive experience projects.

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