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Sales Office Building Architectural Model Maintenance, Maintenance Notes

- Mar 14, 2018 -

Sales office building architectural model maintenance, maintenance notes

First, clean the sand table model

1, the appearance of the model clean: You can use a small brush to clean the dust, stubborn dust can be wiped with a wipe if convenient. Should put an end to hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and other chemical products.

2. Cleaning of flowers and trees: Cleaning of flowers and trees is also a difficulty in cleaning the sand table model. It is best to use a hair dryer to remove dust, and then use self-injection cleaning and new spray treatment.

3, sand table road cleaning: You can use a small brush to clean up the fly dust, and then use a towel to wipe the water, black glass road to wipe with alcohol.

4. Lawn cleaning: It is best to use a hair dryer or a special vacuum cleaner.

Second, the maintenance of sand table model

1. Regarding the placement of the model: The indoor temperature of the sand table model must not exceed 35 degrees Celsius and be maintained at a relative humidity of 30% to 80%. Otherwise, the sandbox model can be deformed easily. The sand table model can not let direct sunlight, let alone sunlight exposure.

2. Sand table model lighting: Lights should be turned off once every two hours and cannot be turned on for a long time. If there is a true water fountain, the sand table model should always check whether there is water (because the water is evaporating). If there is insufficient water, add water in time. Once you find that the fountain is not spraying, turn off the power switch immediately, otherwise it will cause damage.

3, model transfer or dismantling: If you need to transfer or dismantle the model, it is recommended to find the company that serves you for the sandbox model making, in order to protect the model from being damaged.

4. Model installation: After the model is completed, the model company should be equipped with special personnel to carry out the delivery work and transport it to the site after being installed and adjusted by the model company before use, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble in the later period.

5. Placement of the sand table model: The model placed in the room should be kept clean and ventilated. The model without the glass cover should be frequently cleaned.

6. Sand table model display: During the display process, viewers should be prevented from directly touching the model. If small pieces such as decorative items and green trees fall off, they should be properly kept and the model maintenance company's professional maintenance and sales personnel should be re-attached later.

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