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Rongsheng Blessing · Florid Waterfront Building Physical Model

- Feb 25, 2018 -

Rongsheng blessing · Florid waterfront building physical model

Rongsheng Blessing · Hua Yu Waterfront Project is located in Zhengzhou High-tech Zone, Zhongyuan New District, Changxihu New District Interchange of three districts, covering residential, commercial, schools, parks and so on. From the Hua Yuen waterfront, along the way through the West Lake Park, Provincial Museum, Nongda, Xi Hong Kong and other cities supporting an agricultural road, enjoy the prosperity of one city.


Rongsheng blessing · Florid waterfront model overall

Landscape ratio: 1: 105

Building ratio: 1: 120

Model size: 4.1M * 6.1M

Production units: Guangzhou SZJ

Guangzhou szj in the production of building models using realistic production practices, with scattered layout to ensure ventilation and lighting between buildings. At the same time, the overall facade of the building is simple and graceful without losing grace and atmosphere, giving a sense of freshness and romance with a minimalist style, and combining with the light effects to create a lively sense of light for thousands of people.


Landscape model making use of multi-level, multi-species plant composition, to create a beautiful and harmonious landscape effect. To the east of the river will be upgraded to transform the formation of riverside landscape of nearly 200 meters, the water system in the model part of the water with light and plexiglass glass production, building Linhe stand, dust blocking haze, flowers look calm downtown, the city forget the city .

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