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Real Estate Sales Master Architectural Scale Model Tips Big Secret

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Real estate sales master architectural scale model tips big Secret

Architectural model has been very common in daily life, we can often see the sand table model in the real estate sales department. building model is to play a major role in the show, but non-professional people is difficult to understand the sand table model, so these will require a professional sales consultant to introduce architectural model.

       Architectural model is usually reduced to a certain percentage of real estate made of sand table, including: 1, the specific location of real estate 2, the surrounding environment 3, the building distribution. Following szj for everyone to organize the following tips:

Do the following, big single find you every day

one. Stimulate buying desire

       Introduction to the customer sand table model is to allow customers to not see existing homes, the use of sand table can be the real estate surrounding the environment there is a concept. When introducing building model, we can vividly depict a scene to our customers, a kind of enjoyment of life, so that customers can make up their own brain, experience, in order to stimulate customer desire to buy a house. Describe the success of sand table is to promote an important part of the transaction, to make customers interested in introducing good sand table to achieve a multiplier effect!

two. Selling point

       We want to icing on the cake, we must understand themselves through all the selling point of the real estate! If the customer to buy a house, you can not tell the selling point of the real estate, customers can see the sand table from time to time spent to see ah? So, we do not say how to make customers buy?

three. Sand table introduction

      To understand yourself sand table model selling point is not enough, have to put into it! Our introduction is full of emotion, this premise is to move myself, consider myself as a house, I want to see what kind of design? We have to enter the role, only the first moved myself, we can pass the emotion to the customer.

Real estate sales master sand table tips big Secret

      We also encountered problems when introducing sand table models: it was the most common problem to describe the sand table by the client. When the client interrupts us, we can say: This problem will be explained, and now we are going to the next one. (Do not be tempted by the client, take the initiative!). Language to be adjusted with the level of customers, different groups of customers we have targeted hammer surgery, it appears we are more professional! People rely on clothes, to maintain our good professional image to increase professionalism, so that customers from your conversation to see two words: professional!

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