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Modeling And Photography Lori Nix S Decadent World

- Apr 11, 2018 -

The model is the epitome of the real world. Through the processing of light and angle, the model can also be used to produce real feelings and even large feelings. Lori Nix is an American photographer who is good at taking pictures of models. He is not only good at taking pictures but also very good at making miniature models. All the works he photographed were self-constructed and photographed.

At the beginning of photography, Lori Nix arranged his entire room into a shooting set before graduation. After graduation, he didn't have a fixed studio. He started shooting small models on the table in his small garret. He was deeply impressed by the various natural phenomena in his hometown. He decided to rebuild some childhood scenes according to his memory. The scenes of natural disasters inspired him to set up various scenes of the end. Here we come to appreciate his work:


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