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Making Model World Together: Friendly Social Workers And Youth

- Mar 19, 2018 -

Making Model World Together: Friendly Social Workers and Youth

Recently, a few teenagers were welcomed in the Binbei North Community Youth Development Station. When they walked into the counseling room, they were immediately attracted to the sandbox making materials and tools placed indoors.


Indoors, teenagers pick and choose materials from shelves in accordance with the grouping. Team members exchange and cooperate with each other to complete the sandbox work in a special box filled with fine sand. Later, friendly social workers and teenagers exchanged ideas on their own “sandbox world”.

       The friendly social worker guided young people to express their feelings and ideas during the process of making sandbox models. The exchange process was relaxed and cheerful. The youngsters present said that they were inspired by social workers. The friendly social worker said that guiding youngsters to participate in group sandbox model games can help youngsters effectively vent their negative emotions, release pressure, strengthen teamwork skills, and promote verbal skills.

       It is understood that the Longfor District Binxibei Community Youth Development Station is led by the Communist Youth League Haikou Municipal Committee and assisted by the Communist Youth League Longhua District Committee. The station conducts one-on-one case counseling, and conducts “growth classes”, “spiritual care” and “safety. Various theme groups such as escort and family affiliation provided growth services for young people in Haishu Sub-district to help them grow up happy.

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