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Huxing Model Production Need To Pay Attention To Those?

- Oct 26, 2017 -

Huxing model production need to pay attention to those?

Huxing model is a display unit structure of the marketing tool, so the production of the model is particularly important. So the production of the apartment model need to pay attention to those? Today, the Grand Canyon model based on years of production experience, and we explore the production model model considerations.

Huxing model is based on the design of the apartment to produce, mainly used to reflect the layout of the apartment. In order to allow buyers to understand the apartment in detail, so as to choose their own units, can attract buyers to buy desire, which is the model of the display effect has a very important relationship. So in the production process must pay attention to detail.

       Huxing model production If there is a little done well, the effect of the entire model is influential, the following we come to share some of the production process easy to make mistakes.

       Bottom performance: the bottom of the color to coordinate with the color of the model itself, according to the color of the unit with a coordinated color.

       Huxing performance: the external walls of the apartment should be used plexiglass, so visitors can clearly see the design of the contents of the type, which uses the physical partition of the way, the door can only set the door can be, so that better display units Sense of space. Easy to make mistakes is the use of physical entities, so that the model is unfavorable to show, and some that should reflect the more detailed so the door is also installed together, the entire model of the model itself is not great, if the door installed up Will appear very crowded, but the effect of the show have no effect.

       Of course, the apartment model is to be decorated, such as a set of installed the same house, this will allow buyers to buy more desire, their decoration with the actual size of the decoration is almost the same can be divided into two types of luxury, Combined with the above said two points, and then according to the grade of the appropriate decoration to highlight the charm of the apartment, which is also the real estate quality once again reflected. When the customer in the choice of units when the plot of the facilities and facilities are very satisfied, then why do not we do this step in the end of the better, perfect apartment model is to really allow buyers to experience the feeling of home.

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