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How To Make Water In The Building Model?

- Nov 04, 2017 -

How to make water in the building model?

Water surface is one of the most common scenes in building sand table model. Different sand table model, the performance of the water is not the same. In general, surface models are based on the style and proportions of the building's sand table model. So, the concrete surface of the building model is how to make it?

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1, in the production of large scale model of the building surface water, the need to consider the height difference between the surface and the road. Generally used method is to first leaking the surface part of the chassis to deal with leakage, and then the transparent plexiglass plate or transparent plastic plate with texture according to the design of the gap at the leak, and blue paint from the transparent plate Spray the color below. In this way the performance of the water surface, on the one hand, the water level can be displayed with the sea bass difference; the other hand, transparent plate in the sun and the bottom of the blue paint contrast, the simulation effect is very good.

2, in the production of small scale model of the building surface, the water surface and the road surface height can be ignored. When making, you can use blue sticky notes to shape them directly. After cutting, according to the location of the paste can be. In addition, you can also use the shading method for processing. The practice is, first affixing film affixed to the surface of the water, and then leaking. After carved, spray paint with blue spray color. After the paint is dry, the shielding film can be peeled off.

Building models in the surface of the production method is very much more for a better display of the true effect of building sand table model, in many models have been used to create the simulation of dynamic water.

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