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How Do Position The Architectual Model?

- Oct 23, 2017 -

How do position the architectual model?

Architectural model material from the finished product into the assembly of accessories must be cut through the positioning, which is the model of the most important part of the production process, building model of the degree of precision and the final display by the process to be determined.

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    Positioning refers to the position on the profile set, in particular, to show the cutting parts of the form and scale ratio for the subsequent cutting process to lay the foundation.

    The selected materials are colorful, different in shape, held, square, trapezoidal and free curved materials are likely to appear on the profile marked cutting parts need to be carefully thought, the ordinary profile smooth, single color, large format, easier Mark the size of the measurement from the periphery, but keep the pitch of at least 10mm with the edge of the profile to avoid wearing the edge of the wear.

    Rectangular profiles generally from the long side of the end of the beginning of positioning, irregular profiles generally from the edge of the curve or fold line positioning, to ensure the maximum rational use of materials, so that the first easy to facilitate the late use of timber to facilitate. Mark the shape of the body can be drawn when the 1: 1 model of the model map printed on the profile, the use of hard nib or sharp knife sharp angle embroidery drawings, contours on the profile mark the corner, and then remove the drawings, with automatic pencil and triangular For corner connection. Automatic pencil pen to light to the model maker can identify their own prevail. For the organic glass plate, metal plate and other bright and clean materials can use color fiber pen to describe the contour.

    The outline of the arc to use the compass to describe the dots support the site of the pressure to ask, to avoid the formation of concave round hole.

    Free curve of the edge of the best can be summarized as a multi-segment arc stitching after the form, as far as possible the use of regular combination of rules to express irregular shape. If the creative concept to determine the need to express any free curve, you can sand table model 1: 1 cut down on the profile, and then for the positioning of the description.

    Most of the physical structure of the sand table model is a rectangular or rectangular shape, the external wall to consider the continuity of the stitching, therefore, should not be separated when the wall angle, even as one can be less post-cutting workload, corner structure Will appear dignified Founder.

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