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Finishing And Color Processing Of Paper Model Post Processing

- Jan 05, 2018 -

Finishing and Color Processing of Paper Model Post Processing

(1) trimming. Trimming is a necessary step in getting the final paper-based model. Dressing must wait until the glue is completely dry afterwards, because the paper has a certain degree of water absorption, in the paste process will have some deformation; In addition, the paper has some flexibility, it is possible after the glue dry, the paper Mold turning point, the edge turn up curl, so the dressing is finished and the glue dry after the hands-on operation, the middle of the production process do not arbitrarily trim the paper mold, if the misoperation to make the paper mold gap to make up more relative difficult.

    Dressing is not a lot of producers think of the side which side to repair, but in an orderly manner. Grasp the principle is: First, to complete the side of the trim and then trim the other side, such as the first model after the completion of the entire right trim, then the left of the dressing, which can be very good to avoid both sides of the trim at the same time pulling the paper edge While the resulting material defects, but also more conducive to the reference trim the lower edge; second is the first twist or to the edge, and then straight edge, straight edge to the edge of its more easy to ensure the edge of the neat; but trim the scissors With an angle of 45 °, do not trim near the edges of the paper model in one step. After scissors are trimmed, place the paper model on the countertop and finely cut with a utility knife and ruler.

(2) color processing. After the completion of the paper model, many producers find that the paper model has a very single color and wants to make up with the coloring method. In fact, this method of finally passing the coloring often fails to beautify the paper model. First, the amount of colored pigment contains moisture, the paper absorbs the moisture which will be deformed to cause distortion of the entire paper model; the second is that any paper in the process of painting a scratch may cause paper surface deformation and fluff. So the best way to handle color is to plan the color scheme before making the model and choose the right colored paper to make or cover. In the case of the paper itself attributes and conditions permitting, you can also use the filling paint spray decoration, painting must be sprayed thin and uniform, if the paper model requires color combinations, then use the block paper will not need to decorate Good location shelter.

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