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Construction Building 3d Model Of Lighting Production

- Mar 08, 2018 -

Construction building 3d model of lighting production

In order to simulate the environmental effects of the sand table model at night and enhance the appeal of the model, vivid description of the model content, but also to attract more public attention, usually in the production of construction model sand table need to use lighting to illustrate the landscape effect. For more than 20 years, Shenzhen Grand Canyon Model Company has been focusing on the production of models such as architectural models, planning models, industrial models, digital models and business models. Today we will introduce the lighting production in the architectural sand table model.

The construction of a sandbox model for a building mainly includes five aspects:

1, design lighting effects

Corresponding to the effect plan of the design plan, the lighting effect of the architectural model is designed, and the lighting component Zhao Peng and the used luminescent material are counted, and the appropriate circuit type is selected. Does it include architectural interior effect lights, architectural exterior effect lights, street effect lights, water effect lights, top of the Zhao Peng, top light chasing spotlights. The lighting effect of the building and the environment is enough to need to highlight the independent division display, such as administrative areas, commercial areas, road systems, water features systems, green belts, places of interest, City Plaza, etc.

photobank (6).jpg

2, in the production of good model site set aside the hole to install the power cord

General transformers or batteries and other equipment are generally placed inside the chassis, which is more beautiful and elegant. Therefore, it is necessary to weld the hole of the power supply and the lamp with an electric welder on the site.

3, install the effect of the light inside the building

In the construction of the building sand table model of the main body has not yet been fully formed, without the application of the building's top flat material, you need to start installing the building interior lighting, the purpose is to place the lamp inside. The model's building unit typically needs to highlight its internal lighting effect. And generally with a uniform shade, the formation of the overall effect.

4, the installation of external effect lights

After the internal lighting of the building is completed, external lighting effects such as the entrance and exit of the building, the upper and lower corners of the transition, the columns, the corridors, the floor, etc. can be installed. General available diodes, lights, low-voltage light bulbs (rice bubble).

5, install other effect lights

In addition to the internal and external lighting effects of the architectural body of the model, water, roads, squares, and green spaces in the model environment are also important places for designing lighting effects. The lighting effects in these places can effectively enhance the spatial artistic conception of the environment. At the same time, it is also possible to design lighting effects that emphasize architecture, such as projecting light around the building.

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