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Building Model New Technology: Miniature Campus Building Panorama

- Jan 04, 2018 -

Building model new technology:  miniature campus building panorama

3D printing is introduced into China from abroad, and is now more and more loved by everyone. It has been widely used in various industries, especially in the construction industry.

       Outside of China, designers seem to like using 3D printing technology to develop products, especially by combining human factors or natural factors into other works, such as the Mendenhall glacier ice melting structure from the Juneau Icefield in Alaska, 3D Print a glacier chair, artist 3D print making a table of New York Manhattan 3D maps. In addition, at a university Baiyun College in Guangdong Province, students used the knowledge of 3D printing to print school panorama designs into miniature campus models.



Unlike the designs made by foreign designers, this is just a group of architectural models that students give to schools as souvenirs. Despite the miniaturization, every one of the buildings, every street, or even the street lamps are clear, very delicate, and then lit with LED lights. A magnificent campus suddenly appears in front of you.

       It is understood that, in the production of this project, students first carefully map out the geographical location of the campus, according to their location marked the main route around. Then start with 3D modeling of each building, in order to get the right proportions and sizes, the students have to refer to it.

       These campus buildings are primarily designed with 3ds Max software and then 3D printed with translucent PLA materials that shine in the dark. Each of these models has been carefully designed to keep it as real as possible. In addition, students also distinguish between buildings and buildings mainly in four colors. When all the signposts and buildings have been printed, many LED lights are also installed in these buildings and the buildings light up from the bottom up so that each building can emit light and the LEDs can be illuminated through a simple USB Connect to control.

       If you also want to independently design a 3D building model similar to this, you can also buy Bunny 3D printer, including a variety of models available, requiring high-precision, high-speed or large-size printing can be used as a reference, after all, a Such a model of the building can be expensive, it is better to buy a 3D printer design and printing more independent model products.

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