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Architectural Model With Decorative Landscape - The Production Of Wooden Chassis

- Nov 17, 2017 -

architectural  model with decorative landscape - the production of wooden chassis

The wooden chassis is rich in texture and generally made of solid wood, wood core or medium density fiberboard with a thickness of 15 mm. The length of the chassis can reach 900 mm. However, the chassis of more than 1200 sand table models must be processed in blocks, Length of 1200 mm below the splicing of wood panels, to avoid plate deformation. If the wooden chassis has thickness requirements, you can also use the 30x40 mm wooden keel to make the chassis of the sand table model. The distance between the central longitudinal and horizontal keel is 300 ~ 400mm. Finally, the upper surface is covered with a solid wood board with a thickness of 15 mm.


Wooden chassis will generally retain the original wood grain, or nail veneer veneer in the surface, decorative style and sand table model should be phase-contrast, the edge of the plate still need to nail or paste trim, to avoid chassis corner crack. Thick solid wood chassis suitable for solid wood, metal material made of sand table model or plaster, clay material made of terrain sand table model. If only supporting sandpaper made of light materials such as cardboard, PVC board and KT board, it is also possible to choose a wooden drawing board (drawing board). The drawing board is of flat texture with a hollow interior and a thin wood board with a light weight , Easy to move, is the best choice for lightweight conceptual models. In addition, the chassis for the sand table model materials such as natural stone, glass, gypsum, etc., can play a very good decorative effect.

    No matter what kind of material is used, the effect of the chassis decoration of the sand table model comes from the frame, and the frame decoration is the embodiment of the chassis of the sand table model. When economic conditions permit, stainless steel tubes, aluminum trim strips, artificial stone borders and even overhead decorative frames can be used, adding to the high-end commercial display sand table model.

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