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Architectural Model Commonly Used To What Technology

- Feb 25, 2018 -

1, water technology

In addition to the conventional method of making surface water, the original miniature closed true water system and the dynamic water surface made using the principle of refraction of light can vividly and directly represent the real effects of different water bodies such as the sea, rivers, lakes, stream channels and fountains.

2, light support

Digital sand table with projector system and the combination of building models, the use of projector lighting project model can be the road network, building systems, resulting in magic

Light and shadow effect. Coupled with the model itself led cold light source system, an ordinary building model can be transformed into a magical space. The company is located in:

The company is located in:

3, dynamic technology

Using a number of unique high-tech electric model technology, cars, trains, ships, gears and other dynamic effects of rotation vivid performance. The company is located in:

4, electric technology

Unique circuit production, the model can be different circuit system partition, partition control. Innovative circuit development, the model's internal lighting effects can be vividly demonstrated. Design of the hierarchical programming controller, has completely replaced the traditional sense of the building model lighting control system to enhance the lighting effects of the architectural model.

 The company is located in:

5, sound technology

The use of multimedia has greatly promoted people's appreciation of the traditional architectural model, the model has a unique multimedia system, using the latest electronic chip to the project

The introduction introduces the control system made with the background music into the model so as to make the visitors understand the project more clearly.

6, remote control technology

Creative control of electric control, dynamic system of free control.

7, imaging technology

Project the 3D objects made by the computer 3D into a model with a projector, such as a car, a train, a ship, and the like, and increase the movement; the computer 3D production

Such as fire, water, clouds and other dynamic images projected into the model, heighten the atmosphere.

8, three-dimensional simulation technology

Using 3D panoramic and virtual roaming making tools, one or more groups of photos taken by camera ring 360 degrees are spliced into a panoramic image. By pressing a button on the sand table or using a laser pointer to click on the corresponding area on the sand table, the projection in front of the sand table Machine to achieve full interactive viewing of the corresponding real scene.

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