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Which techniques are commonly used in building model making?

- Apr 21, 2018 -

Which techniques are commonly used in building model making?

1, water technology

In addition to the conventional water surface production method, the original micro-enclosed true water system and the dynamic water surface produced by the refraction principle of light can vividly and intuitively represent the real effects of different bodies of water such as oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, and fountains.

2, light support

The digital sand table adopts the combination of the projector system and the building model, and the light of the projector can be applied to the road network relationship of the project model and the building system to generate magic.

Light effect. Coupled with the model's own led cold light system, an ordinary building model can be transformed into a magical space.

3, dynamic technology

Using a number of unique high-tech electric model technology, you can realistically display the dynamic effects of cars, trains, ships, and gears.

4, electric technology

Unique circuit production, the different circuit systems in the model can be produced partitioned control. The innovatively developed circuit can realistically show the internal lighting effects of the model. The design of the hierarchical programming controller has completely replaced the architectural lighting control system in the traditional sense and improved the lighting effect of the architectural model.


5, sound technology

The use of multimedia has greatly promoted people's appreciation of traditional architectural models. The model has a unique multimedia system and uses the latest electronic chips

This article introduces the control system that is integrated with the background music and integrated into the model to enable visitors to understand the project more clearly.

6, remote control technology

Creative free control of electronic control and motion system.

7, image technology

Using projectors to project 3D objects such as cars, trains, ships, etc., into the model to increase motion; 3D computer production

Dynamic images such as flares, flowing water, clouds, etc. are projected into the model to enhance the atmosphere.

8, three-dimensional simulation technology

Using three-dimensional panoramic and virtual tour production tools, one or more sets of photos taken with the camera ring 360 degrees are stitched into a panoramic image. The projection in front of the sand table is achieved by pressing a button on the sand table or clicking on a corresponding area on the sand table with a laser pointer. The machine realizes a full range of interactive viewing of the real scene.

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