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What kind of materials do the trees in the building model use?

- Apr 06, 2018 -

What kind of materials do the trees in the building model use?

The architectural model consists of two major components: one is the building body, and the other is the greening environment. Among them, trees are an important part of greening. In order to create a complete and beautiful architectural model, the expression of trees is of utmost importance. From nature, the types, forms and colors of trees vary. So how do you make a realistic tree model? What kind of materials do the trees in the architectural model use?


1. Styrofoam: Foams made from trees have large-pore foam and fine-pore foam. Large-pore foams, which are less dense and have larger pores, are a better material for making trees and are often used to make broad-leaved spherical trees. The density of fine-pore foams is larger and the pores are smaller. The limitations of such materials for making trees are generally used to make needle conical trees.

2. Dried flower material: Dried flower is a kind of plant flower formed by natural plant after dehydration and chemical treatment. Its shape is different. Making dried tree flowers as basic material is a very simple and effective method.

3, cardboard production: the use of cardboard to make trees is a more popular and more abstract expression method. When making, choose the color and thickness of the paper. It is best to use textured paper. Then, cut according to the scale and shape. In order to make the size of the tree basically the same, we can create a template for mass production after the shape is determined.

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