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What is the lighting way of the building model?

- Jan 19, 2018 -

What is the lighting way of the building model?

Lighting is an indispensable part of the building model making process. Many people are more curious about the lighting used in the architectural models. Shenzhen Grand Canyon model company specializing in the design and production of construction sand table, good at light processing, the following will give you talk about the architectural model of the lighting.

Architectural models of lighting are:

1, self-luminous lighting: self-luminous lighting installed inside the building model lamps, lighting from the model construction, this form is mainly used for real estate real estate display. Incandescent bulbs installed in the building, the light can be exposed through the frosted plexiglass sheet, simulating the real life of the night scene, with a strong rendering. In addition, LED lights can also be installed on both sides of the model road and greening facilities in the street light, to further enhance the realism of the building model. Self-luminous light can be based on real light, is the first choice of commercial display model.

2, Transmitted light illumination: Transmitted light illumination is the installation of lamps outside and around the building model to project and illuminate the model. This form is used to assist with self-luminous fraud. Self-luminous area can not be designed to supplement lighting. Halogen lamps are generally installed around the chassis of the building model can also be suspended in the indoor ceiling irradiation. Halogen lighting more specific manner, an average of 1-2 square meters of chassis area to be arranged a 35W halogen lamp. Installation should be taken to avoid glare to the eyes of the audience to form a glare, affect the concept of exhibition effect.

3, Environmental Reflective Lighting: Environmental Reflective Lighting refers to the overall illumination of the building model in the environmental space. After the building model is finished, the steering light design is to be done at the model exhibition place. The formed ambient light will have an effect on the building model display effect. Both of them will gently illuminate the male corner between the model components with soft diffuse light. If indoor ambient light is not ideal, place the model on a white wall or a light-colored screen tray to make the reflections on the white wall or screen ancillary reflections.

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