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What are the characteristics of garden landscape in architecture model ?

- Jan 25, 2018 -

What are the characteristics of garden landscape in architecture model  ?

With the improvement of people's living standards, we all living environment requirements are also rising, and now the community in the various packages are very perfect, of which the landscape design is already the core of the district, but before making these landscapes, many Real estate business will choose to produce landscape sand table to visit the show, but do you know the garden landscape sand table model has what characteristics?

The garden sand table organically integrates the form and content of the garden landscape organically, and presents a simulated and stereoscopic spatial visual image in a unique way. It is an important means of visualizing landscape planning and design and landscape design. It is widely used in landscape and real estate industries. Its characteristics are as follows:

1, Intuitive, three-dimensional, three-dimensional

      Garden sand table is an intuitive, three-dimensional and three-dimensional manifestations, and two-dimensional plan of the garden plan or construction are very different, it made of three-dimensional model of physical materials, visual display landscape design concept, function, form and structure, With super three-dimensional space expression.

2, many types of complex terrain

      Landscape is usually very complex landscape, the general design is based on different topography of different landscapes, and the landscape structure demanding. Therefore, garden sand table according to the planning requirements, making kiosks, Taiwan, House, Court and other sketches.

3, recreational facilities and rich landscapes

      In the garden green center or activity area, usually there will be a variety of rides, and rides of the body shape, color, material changes, coupled with the garden planning a wide range of plants, the model should pay attention to the production of various plant types , Color and texture, but also refer to the relationship between the allocation of species and the environmental effects of plant space. This brings some difficulties to the garden sand table model making.

4, garden sand table is the effect of miniature landscape

      Garden sand table in miniature form, realistic display garden, with a unique form of transmission and expression of garden design ideas. At the same time with superb technical means to simulate the real dynamic fountains, running water, street scenes and sketches, etc., as much as possible to achieve simulation results.

5, garden sand table has a higher aesthetic and practical value

      Garden sand table with vivid 3D three-dimensional form, showing the mountains and rivers, flowers and plants and millions of Guangsha, people can easily be attracted by its unique artistic charm. At the same time to simulate the real environment, people clearly understand the layout of the garden space, traffic flow lines.


      Even if the production process is complicated and complicated, the garden sand table can also combine the rationalization and the artistic perfectness. The visual design of the planner shows the planner's imagination and shows the unique charm of the garden sand table.

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