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Three Eastern Han Dynasty Architectural Models Discovered in Northern Guizhou

- Apr 09, 2018 -

Three Eastern Han Dynasty Architectural Models Discovered in Northern Guizhou

According to media reports, archeological personnel of Guizhou Province recently carried out rescue excavations on the Jinwan Bay site in Tucheng Town of Xishui County in Zunyi City. Three Eastern Han architectural models were unearthed, which are comparable to the study of ancient Chinese architectural development and historical development. high value.

Archaeologists in Guizhou said Zhang changed the lesson and said that the Golden Bay site is the largest site in the northern part of Guizhou Province from the Neolithic period to the Han and Jin period. The overall design of the model is very sophisticated, especially the roof part of the work is particularly fine, showing the style of different functional buildings during this period.


According to reports, three house models were found in a horizontal cave-style tomb on the southeast side of the Golden Bay site. The tomb was destroyed at the top, leaving only the lower part. It was composed of main rooms, side rooms, ramps, tombs, etc. It was 7.6 meters long. Wide 1.3 to 2.56 meters. A small amount of human bones was found in the main room, no burial was found, and the burial type was unknown. The owner of the tomb is between 25 and 30 years old and the gender is unknown.

It is understood that because the tomb had been dug and the burial objects were seriously damaged, more than 20 pieces of pottery such as gongs, bowls, cans, kettles, gongs, gongs, smoked furnaces, and house models have been restored. Silver bracelets, copper rings, and copper earrings have been restored. There are more than 10 pieces of metalware, such as sheet metal scraps, five bronze coins, and iron knives. According to the shape of tombs and unearthed relics, they were judged as Eastern Han Dynasty tombs.

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