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The style of greening environment in model making

- Apr 16, 2018 -

The style of greening environment in model making

Green is widely used in the construction environment. It is very common for citizens to buy buildings. The greening degree of the community has also become an important reference for whether they choose the community. However, many model companies in the production of sandbox models, architectural models and other models of the use of green is also very elegant, of course, the green sand usually use a freehand manner, that is, customers require a certain green atmosphere in this project performance.


       In fact, the selection and expression of colors and textures in sandbox model making is a crucial step. It includes real decorative materials. The expression of sand table model making is a more profound knowledge. Different colors express different ideas. When a color or structure is often difficult to express, it will be much better to add other decorations or collocations. Put the sandbox model on the site and use the green plants to match it. It will be more harmonious and coordinated. These are techniques such as strengthening or weakening in the sandbox model making art.

Now when we buy a house to see a house, usually the real estate salesman will use the sandbox model to show me the location of the real estate, etc., to the consumer as a reference for the visit. The sandbox, whether in terms of appearance or material, is what each company does. Have their own uniqueness

        For the performance of exterior scenery, it was originally designed according to the design, but it is difficult to match the design of the previous period in the colors of flowers and plants. Therefore, it depends on the sand table model creator to grasp it. Therefore, in the realistic landscape and sand table model, The image and non-image issue of the scenery itself is a kind of contradictory opposition and unity. If it is like the extreme, it is like the non-image. It is the core that it should capture the word “god” and show it exactly. The style and purpose of environmental greening are the purpose.

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