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The characteristics of the garden landscape building model

- Mar 19, 2018 -

 the characteristics of the garden landscape building model

The garden ARCHITECTURAL MODEL organically combines the landscape form and content organically, and presents a simulation and three-dimensional spatial visual image in a unique way. It is an important means of intuitively representing the garden planning and design and landscape design, and is widely used in landscape architecture and the real estate industry. Its characteristics are as follows:

photobank (7).jpg

1, intuitive, three-dimensional, three-dimensional

       Garden MODEL is an intuitive, three-dimensional, three-dimensional form of expression, and the two-dimensional plane of the garden plan or construction drawings are very different, it uses physical materials made of three-dimensional model, intuitive display of landscape design philosophy, function, form and structure, With a strong three-dimensional expression of space.

2, the terrain is complex

       The landscape of the garden is usually very complex. Generally, different landscapes are designed according to different terrains, and the landscape structure is highly demanded. Therefore, the garden sand table should be made of kiosks, tables, buildings, cabinets and other skits according to the requirements of the plan.

3. Lots of amusement facilities

      In the garden green area or the activity area, there are usually a variety of amusement facilities, and the size, color, and material of the amusement facilities vary greatly. In addition, there are a large variety of plants for garden planning, and attention must be paid to the shape of each plant type when making models. , color and texture, but also refer to the configuration relationship between the various tree species and the environmental effects of the plant space. This has brought some difficulties to the modelling of the garden sand table.

4, garden MODEL is the miniature effect of the landscape

      The garden MODEL adopts a miniature form, vividly displays the garden, and transmits and expresses the concept of garden design in a unique form. At the same time, with superb technical means, simulating real dynamic fountains, flowing water, streetscapes and skits, etc., to achieve the best possible simulation results.

5, garden MODEL has a higher aesthetic and practical value

      The garden MODEL is vividly presented in three-dimensional form, showing people mountains, water, flowers, birds, trees and thousands of mansions. People are easily attracted by its unique artistic charm. Simultaneously simulating the real environment, people can clearly interpret the spatial layout of the garden, traffic flow lines and so on.


      Even if the production process is cumbersome and complex, the garden sand table can also combine the rationalization and the artistic perfection, and the image visually shows the planner's design conception, showing people the unique charm of the garden sand table.

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