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The architectural model can be divided into three types according to the purpose attribute

- Apr 11, 2018 -

The architectural model is widely used in real estate industry, industrial design, urban planning and other fields. The use of architectural models in different fields is different, and the display objects and effects are also different. Grand Canyon Modeling Company stated that according to the properties of the architectural model, the architectural model can be divided into three categories:

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1. Academic Research Building Models: Academic research buildings are mainly used for analyzing design plans, research design plans, and displaying results. This type of building model is hand-manufactured, but it also uses a computer engraving machine to complete the overall processing. It has a strong professionalism, both in terms of the expression of effects and the use of colors, both general and abstract.

2. Commercial building model: The commercial display building model generally refers to the architectural model seen in exhibitions and housing exhibitions. Generally, after the computer plane engraving machine is used to complete the plane processing and production, the manual assembly completes the overall production. Its color is very realistic, but the production is more stylized and has a strong commercial flavor.

3. Student's Course Operational Building Model: The Student's Course Operational Building Model is mainly used to teach middle school students to express their architectural design courses. It is basically done by hand and some basic processing equipment. Its processing is slightly rough, but it is focused and the means of expression are diversified.

Different types of building models have different performances, different production methods, and different aspects of model production. So here, the Shenzhen Grand Canyon Model Company reminds the model makers that before the model is made, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of the model production and to make the appropriate model based on the characteristics

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