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The Application of Interactive Projection Sandbox in Urban Planning Museum Design

- Mar 24, 2018 -

The Application of Interactive Projection Sandbox in Urban Planning Museum Design


In every city planning museum, a sand table covering the entire city is certainly indispensable. Before the traditional sand table was only a static city model, coupled with the simple explanation of the narrator, it was not enough to make people have a comprehensive city. The understanding can only be imagined. The creation of an interactive projection sandbox subverts this situation, making the sandbox active and giving people a more intuitive understanding of the city.

The interactive projection sandbox is a very clever use of interactive projection technology, using the 3D projection method to display the entire city of three-dimensional force, as if to put the city zoom in front of your eyes. In addition, the interactive function has been added. Visitors can directly operate the screen and can freely move, zoom in and zoom out of the scene, and click on detailed information about the area of interest. It is just as fun and convenient as playing modern city. With authenticity.

GZ SZJ Technology's interactive projection sandbox system mainly consists of projectors, signal receivers, equipment hangers, servers, control software, speakers, multimedia systems, solid sandboxes, projection screens and other equipment. After the system is completed, it achieves the effect through four parts:

The first part: The signal acquisition part captures and shoots according to the interactive requirements, and the capturing device has an infrared sensor;

The second part: The signal processing part analyzes the data collected in real time, and the generated data is docked with the virtual scene system;

Three parts: the imaging part, using a projector or other imaging device to present the image in a specific location;

Part IV: Audio Configuration.

The Urban Planning Museum is the embodiment of a city image. It not only needs to summarize the history and culture of a city, but also directly shows the future planning of a city. This determines that a city's planning museum must be diversified and can demonstrate urban culture in all aspects and from all aspects. Grand Canyon Technology Corporation has this unique insight in the design of digital galleries for planning galleries, creating a personalized and fun planning museum for each city.

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