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Several details of the architectural model

- Mar 10, 2018 -

Several details of the architectural model

To make a good sandbox model, we must do four things carefully and make the sandbox lifelike.


       First of all, to do a good job in the construction part, the building should be highly restored. According to the drawings, it should be built according to proportion, color, structure, bricks and tiles, and should not be neglected. The material texture of the building wall should be shown, and the balcony, windows, etc. should be well-controlled. Architecture is the most valuable part of the sand table. A good sand table first depends on the architecture, the curve of the building, and the architecture is very important.


       Then, to the commercial street section, the commercial street should pay attention to the trolleys in the street, the supporting facilities of the shopping malls, the parking lot, the people coming and going, the advertisement posters of the shopping malls, etc. These details also determine the success or failure, and the fine details will be better. Create a business atmosphere.


       To the environment, the environment is very large and there are many places worth paying attention to. Road grounds, tree-lined parks, wild parks, lakes, pavilions, health corridors, etc. The paving of the environment According to the requirements of the project, the grounds of some real estate properties are carved; the greenery should be made as realistic as possible, and the woods have different heights and heights. Variety; ripple effect of the lake, now foreign companies invent a device of water circulation, can be added to the real sand table, with the lighting effects, creating a sparkling feeling.


        Lights, including street lights, building lights, should pay attention to lamps that burn for a long time, easy to burn, short circuit, to do a unified switch, controlled by the computer program, turn off the lights every five minutes for one minute.

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