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Model growth in mind - Building model making steps

- Jan 30, 2018 -

Building models are increasingly common in everyday life and have always played a pivotal role in real estate marketing. Almost all real estate developers use the building model to market their properties. Then, the building model making process and the building model making process are What is it? Today, the Grand Canyon for everyone to share the model building process.

The building model does not require that the real estate close to the real proportion, shape, color, texture and planning of the environment, but also reveals the key construction room interior furnishings and structure, structure and so on. With the development of the building model market, building sand table models are made from the original soil to more and more advanced materials.

1. Production of pre-planning and quotation budget

According to the drawing and model provided by Party A, the requirements and style of model making are determined. Then budget by the architect based on architectural style, the proportion of the model size, material technology and drawings to determine the depth of the model charges, the production of service orders.

2. Hold a production meeting and start production

Held a model making conference, technical staff will check the analysis drawings, to determine the model material, processing technology, production time and effect requirements. QC manager and project manager in accordance with the drawings, in accordance with my company's "quality inspection standards" detailed inspection and adjustment.

3. Party A fine-tune acceptance

The business manager and technical director will assist Party A to make the final acceptance fine-tuning.

4 model factory acceptance camera and model transport

Professional photographers assist Party A to keep the information and make the final factory acceptance. The company provides transportation, assisting train aircraft consignment and technical support.

5. Model installation and debugging

After-sales service personnel in the model display site commissioning and installation clean, to meet customer satisfaction after leaving.

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