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How to choose a region model material

- Apr 18, 2018 -

How to choose a region model material

In many architectural model projects, in addition to the overall project model, a regional model is usually created. The regional model can clearly show the location of the project, allowing visitors to more intuitively understand the location and environment of the project, and is an important tool for highlighting project geography and traffic advantages.

         In the current market, there are many kinds of materials for making regional models. What are the characteristics of regional models with different materials? How to choose the regional model that suits your project? Here is a detailed introduction by Grand Canyon:

Common materials for regional model

1. Copper: Copper has a durable, non-corrosive property. The produced area model is rich in luster and texture, super-high grade, and display effect is very good, suitable for high-end quality sand table project.

2, metal material: metal material in strength, flexibility, hardness, stiffness, impact resistance and other aspects have advantages, styles and diverse, in line with most sandbox projects, can be said to be the wild money in the sandbox.

3, wood: wood material is simple, affordable, strong plasticity, and natural wood grain and artificial board texture have a good decorative effect, the regional model produced is unique and elegant, not downgrade, very suitable for elegant style, chic Sandbox project.

4, mirror material: mirror material and metal material is more similar, is produced by spraying oil on the mirror glass. The area model of the mirror material is exquisite in appearance, beautiful and flat, and gives people a feeling of low-key luxury and superior quality. It is the material of choice for many customers.

The regional models of different materials have different display effects and give visitors different visual impressions. In the selection of the regional model, it is recommended that comprehensive consideration be given to the style of the exhibition hall, the characteristics of the sand table, and the price, and a regional model suitable for its own project should be selected.

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