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Different types of building design and production there is a big difference

- Jan 04, 2018 -

Different types of building design and production there is a big difference

Building model making design is the key point of building model making. How the design of a building model is made often determines the success or failure of the model. It should be noted that the building model is a general concept, not a single kind of building model, so before making a model to analyze the specific type of model. According to the use of architectural model attributes can be grouped into three types: commercial display, academic research, student classwork type. Grand Canyon Model Company said: Different types of building models, in the production design there will be a big difference.


1, commercial display building model: generally refers to the exhibition, housing will see the building model. This type of building model is usually completed by computer engraving machine plane processing, hand-assembled to complete the overall production. No size, color is very realistic. This production is more stylized, with a strong commercial flavor.

2, academic research architecture: mainly for the analysis of design, research design, show results. This type of building useful manual model production, but also useful computer engraving machine to complete the overall processing production. Such models have a strong professionalism, so both in terms of the effect of expression, or the use of color, both generalized and very abstract. It has a different visual effect than the commercial display building model.

3, student course homework building model: mainly used for teaching middle school students to express architectural design coursework. Basically by hand and some basic processing equipment to complete. Although the construction of such models slightly rough process, but focused, the means of expression diversification.

To sum up, after analyzing the characteristics of the three different types of building models, it is not difficult to see that the building models of different usage attributes have different emphases. Therefore, when designing the main body of the building model, Produce objects to develop production programs.

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