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Clay model making cast modeling kneading mud and throwing mud

- Jan 05, 2018 -

Clay model making cast modeling kneading mud and throwing mud

Clay model changes the form of creation, molding techniques varied, each modeling techniques have their own requirements, as long as the designers can express the original intention, both in a variety of ways to create.

Precast modeling methods in ancient China has been widely used, but also very modern clay modeling used in the modeling method. This approach to the manufacturer's manual requirements are relatively high, although the method of learning the preform is very easy, but to be completely in one heart and one hand, fully expressed the creator's understanding of the body, you also need to model for beginners for a long time Contact.

    Knead mud

    From the mud machine to remove and design the body of the corresponding size mud repeatedly knead mud, hand kneading mud is an integral part of the shape of the process, on the one hand, by repeatedly rubbing the mud, you can remove the bubbles in the mud and impurities to prevent sintering On the other hand, rubbing the mud can make the water and the soil fully fuse, increasing the toughness of the mud and making it hard and soft. In addition, by rubbing the mud, the model maker The softness and hardness of the mud material have a firm grasp of the too soft mud pull easy, but the production of large body easily collapsed, and too hard mud billet billet laborious and difficult to shape.

    Throwing mud

    Sprinkle a thin layer of water on the top of the drawing machine, which can play the role of sticking the clay group and the drawing machine. When falling into the mud, try to drop the clay group to the center of the drawing machine. Since inexperienced model makers have limited ability to adjust and control the mud mass, deviation from the center of the billet can easily result in uneven thickness of the billet, resulting in the fracture of the fired model. If a throwing mud unsuccessful, you can repeat the above steps.

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