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Architectural model is how to make it? What is the process?

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Architectural model is how to make it? What is the process?

The display model is not exactly the same as the product model. Because the spatial relationship has become the main content of the model performance, the spatial elements and the processing elements involved are very rich. Although there are many specific operation modes and methods in the processing, the entire processing steps, The process is still very standardized.

The standard display space model production process steps include drawing graphics, argumentation, production planning, base and venue production, the main model of production. The creator must follow this process and can largely ensure the overall effectiveness of the final display space model.

    Drawing of the graph. As with any other model making process, the presentation of the presentation space model is also based on a complete consideration, and drawing is the best vehicle to express the ideas of the producers. Drawings of the presentation space model are concept sketches, partial sketches, plan views, section views. Renderings and so on, the producer can make the drawing according to his original intention, the drawing provides the chance for the post-production with the conception and the relevance, or records and analyzes the designer's thought and checks whether the work in the figure stage is completed The standard is: Throughout the production phase, producers are able to produce a complete, complete and definite display space model according to the drawings at any time, so as to have a map to follow and a map to check.

    Validation is an essential step before formal hands-on production. Verify the legitimacy of the target to help producers regulate the production route, to avoid missing important details of the operation. 

The verification mainly focuses on the following aspects:

 1) Theme of model making. Show the main models show the main body is what, what style, content can match;

 2) model making tasks. The model of presentation mainly describes what kind of thinking is to be studied, what is the key information to be disseminated, whether the subject of space should be presented separately or whether it is co-presented with the surroundings, and so on, and many problems closely related to the model making task should be obtained Demonstration; 

3) model attributes. Producers should be very clear is to make a conceptual model, the working model or the solid model, the model needs a variety of alternative models; 

4) the proportion and the local. What proportion of the model should be produced, in order to enhance the visual effects of the spatial display model, which part should be produced from the overall model;

 5) Material, tools, production team assistance. We choose what kind of material and this material is designed to meet the requirements of the production needs of the material used what characteristics can play what role, the texture of the material, the color should be how to deal with specific significance, the producer is proficient in the operation Format tools to understand the mechanical properties and meet the production requirements;

 6) empty tube. Before the start of the work, check whether the tools and equipment can undertake the processing tasks, make the necessary assessments on working conditions and work environment, and make meticulous arrangements on the production time and the production team.

    Production planning to determine. In the overall planning, you can roughly determine the characteristics of the performance of the object, size and key performance of the part, and then consider the display space model "performance method", in accordance with the performance method that can determine the guidelines, scales, materials.

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