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architectural model base, site and main model production

- Mar 08, 2018 -

architectural model base, site and main model production

Base and venue production. After the ratio is determined, the base and the venue of the display model can be made. Due to the complexity of the actual site situation of the case, the designer needs to conduct on-site investigation of the site before carrying out work. The shape and size of the base is not only related to the design dimensions of the model space and the scale of the model, but also to whether or not the author wants to present or unify the sketch separately. The material of the base must also be considered, and the issues associated with the base, such as "what kind of spatial form is connected to the base," must also be estimated before production. The base itself should be quite stable, thin aluminum, reflective sheet, acrylic and other similar easily damaged materials need a strong base, because the area of the display space model produced by beginners is generally not very large, you can use some of the more stable and easy Processing of materials, such as wood, blockboard, foam board, on the basis of the use of different texture efficiency stickers, such as grass, marble flooring, wood flooring, the choice of a wide range. If the producer is not very satisfied with the pure paper texture, it can be further improved in the production. For example, some grass clippings or colored powders can be added with white latex to enhance the texture of the grassland; if you want to go for shopping like a marble slab Surface texture, you can stick a thin layer of plexiglass in the sticker; so if you want to show the effect of flowing water pattern, you can draw uneven texture, and put some reflective material on the top. All in all, materials, colors, and methods of production are intended to give a clearer and more complete picture of the subject to be emphasized. According to the specific circumstances, the producer can try more, but the scale of the relative relationship must pay attention, such as the texture of the large pattern. It is not suitable for small scale display space model.

    The main model. The materials that can be used in the main model are relative to the site and the base. Because such objects are enriched, the zenith, wall, furniture, and various types of showcases have become the objects of production. Therefore, the application materials can be further selected. Broaden, such as the same card, you can have a single white card, double white card, gray card, color card and other options. Single white card can be used to make grass model, double white card can produce results model, gray card can show concrete, color card can show a variety of different finishes. Material processing and application are important, but it is only a factor in the production of display space models, and the expression of the spatial shape relationship of the model is also the key to determining whether the display space model can achieve good display effect. The spatial form relationship usually involves Volume, board, pillars and several other factors, these factors through the spatial design to find and show each other's relevance. The main body model that is usually produced is first to create bodywork, slabs, and pillars, shape them, let them work together, and handle their appearance. Once these elements have been clarified, they can be applied through stickers, colors, and textures. Constructed with basic elements, synthetic space.

    In the main model making, there are some very common operation details to deal with the need to pay attention to, one is the wall of the building, the better processing method is to build the glue before the first two walls to be glued to the edge of the cutter or the world Knife cut into 45 °, this will be better to see the junction, rather than the vertical wall should be glued together; Second, the processing of the arc, cut the circle, cut the arc, counterclockwise than better, with the thumb, The forefinger and the middle finger clip the knife and use the little finger as the fulcrum. When the knife is cut, the knife rotates around the tip of the little finger, and the ring finger is used to control the direction of the knife edge, and a smooth arc can be cut out.

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