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360 degree phantom imaging system principle, characteristics, applications

- Jan 17, 2018 -

360 degree phantom imaging system principle, characteristics, applications

360-degree phantom imaging system, also known as the virtual imaging system, suspends the three-dimensional image in the mid-air of the real scene to create an illusionary atmosphere. The effect is peculiar, has a strong sense of depth, and is fake. Stylish cabinet, a sense of science and technology. The top four transparent, the real space imaging colorful, contrast, high definition; a sense of space, perspective. The formation of the middle of the illusion of the air can be combined with the physical, the image and the physical combination. Can also be equipped with touch screen to achieve interaction with the audience. Can be made on request four sides of the window, each side of the largest 2-11 meters. 360-degree phantom imaging can be made into a holographic phantom stage, three-dimensional 360-degree product demonstrations; real people and the illusion of performing on the same stage; science museum's dream stage.

360 degree phantom imaging features:

360-degree fashion, high-tech display products Transparent 360-degree space around the four-dimensional imaging performance Colorful, sense of space, sense of perspective, the formation of the air phantom combined with the physical model, images and in-kind interaction to achieve the unique showcase, site visitors can Various gestures, manipulation of 3D car model rotation, parts decomposition.

Main application areas: theme parks, museums, exhibition halls, historical sites

Display: According to the design script to build scenes and installation equipment

Hardware equipment: the main model scene, modeling lighting, projectors, computers, audio, central control system

Digital content: Three-dimensional digital content


1. Image height can be 50 cm - 200 cm (according to user needs to adjust the height of people and objects)

2 characters clear facial features, color restore the correct, hair is clear, visible visual sense of good, strong sense of three-dimensional

3. Background props can be placed in the true position of the space, so that a variety of visual elements in the real environment in accordance with the relationship between the true spatial relationship perspective shown by the rich visual content, the strong sense of three-dimensional scene.

History of 360-degree phantom imaging In the 90s, 360-degree phantom imaging technology was first used in public places such as museums in developed countries. Advantages of 360-degree phantom imaging The advantage of 360-degree phantom imaging is that it is not limited by the site and other factors and can be adjusted according to the size of the site. Phantom imaging technology has been widely used abroad. Various museums in China, celebrities' houses, centuries-old town, historic famous streets, theme parks, ruins parks, urban planning exhibition halls have also been gradually applied. The application of 360 degrees phantom imaging With the rapid development of information technology in the world, especially the popularization and application of digital technology. The use of information centralized management tools with the visual, focused and interactive expression of information, will make the management of a more rigorous and effective service more convenient and efficient. As the most modern imaging technology, phantom imaging system has been widely used in all fields of national economy in our country.

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