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    Longyan sincere environmental protection Co., LTD. Is a professional committed to the dust removal, desulfurization and denitration high-low voltage electrical equipment r &d, production and sales of high and new technological enterprises, in project planning and construction process, and gets the environmental protection bureau and the state senator attention, support and guidance; In the project commissioning period, got the customer approval and cooperation. Here, on behalf of the utmost sincerity limited company of environmental protection all staff, to express our heartfelt thanks and sincere respect; At the same time, also looking forward to your continued to give sincere love and support.
    The company in line with high starting point, high standard, the process of construction. The principle FLTRP The company in the future development road, we will continue to carry forward "down-to-earth, enterprising, professional, devote the society. United

    Address:Fujian longyan xinluo district longzhou industrial park west road no. 68 (environmental protection company)
    Business Consulting:+86-597-2337016
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