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    Your current location : Home > Products > GGAJ02 series of electrostatic precipitator with single-phase high voltage silicon rectifier equipment 

    GGAJ02 ( HVC2009 ) series of high-voltage power supply is my company independent research and development for electrostatic precipitator of conventional high voltage silicon rectifier equipment, it has the following features:

    In 1, the inner and outer door structure, control cabinet protection grade up to IP54, effectively prevent the dust and splash liquid entering, prolongs the service life of control cabinet components.

    In 2, the control cabinet control circuit and the main loop separation, greatly enhance the stability of equipment operation.

    3, equipment has a number of control mode, to meet the needs of different occasions;

    A manual control

    A remote control

    Tracking control of spark

    Of the highest average voltage control

    Control of intermittent power supply

    A constant voltage, constant current, constant conduction angle control

    4, improve fault detection and protection function, when in the operation of equipment failure, automatically cut off the main circuit power supply, so as to ensure the use of safety equipment;

    A load short-circuit protection

    A load open circuit protection

    A dangerous oil temperature protection

    Delta CO superscale protecting

    Delta SCR short circuit protection

    A partial excitation protection

    A time overcurrent protection

    Delta transformer gas protection

    In 5, with HVC2009 intelligent Chinese display controller as a core control component. It is based on the " whole digitally technical characteristics, high precision spark in response to the control, the originality of control functions, network design concept" four big targets, in the full absorption of the United States of America GE company DAVC controller product essence, set a variety of incisive control theory, the use of modern electronic technology to design and manufacture a new generation of controller.

    The product has the following main features:

    A selection of the ARM7 kernel 32 MCU as the central processing unit, can real-time acquire the relevant parameters and calculate electric field parameters and discharge parameters, thereby accurately control thyristor trigger angle. Has the advantages of fast speed, accurate control, high reliability.

    A selection of 240 x 128 bright blue LCD display, full Chinese information display and advanced Wizard button procedure, the interface is very clear and easy to operate. According to the need can be designed into many languages show, meet the export project need.

    The control program has a variety of advanced mode of operation, according to the application requirements of different industries and the site of various conditions to choose the mode of operation, so that the electric precipitator optimal running effect. The dynamic spark detection and tracking technology can automatically distinguish between different intensities of flashover and the corresponding control, so that the flashover voltage of electric field after the recovery as soon as possible, improve the efficiency of dust removing. The perfect and reliable protection function of the electric dust collector long-term stable and reliable operation.

    A photoelectric full isolation technology and switching power supply technology, use of advanced surface mount circuit board ( SMT ) design and manufacturing technology, products with superior quality, high reliability, strong interference resistance and other advantages. At the same time controller is mounted on the door, and has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation and so on.

    A shutdown loggers can record the last occurrence of the fault and the fault occurs when the operating parameters and time, for fault treatment provides a great convenience. At the same time controller registration management and green service, users can get the best after sale service.

    A powerful communication network function, and I can party and three party DCS realize seamless communication.

    A, the site of the most general RS485 serial communication interface, and follow the MODBUS communication protocol, and the world can any mainstream brands PLC and DCS directly exchange data; each power operation data and control parameters can be used in MODBUS communication protocol direct upload to DCS PC, can also be a few field pressure data integration the pressure control system of PLC, using a table, by PLC communication interface ( Ethernet or MODBUS ) upload to the host computer, host computer through the PLC indirect management and adjusting control each high-voltage equipment.

    B, reserved for a CAN2.0 communication interface, can be realized at the same time as many as 109 high voltage power supply and a single PLC or upper monitoring computer high speed communication connection is established, the required DCS workstation, to realize data acquisition and exchange, the maximum communication speed can reach 1MB / S ( 40M ), single node maximum communication distance up to 10KM ( 5KB / S ). The need for CAN2.0 communications users, only need to change the communication module.

    C, in addition to design a RS485 and CAN2.O full open communication interface, intelligent HVC2009 significant controller is designed with hard wired communication interface, can be used conveniently with third party DCS to establish open communication connection, realizes the equipment remote start / stop and lifting pressure function.


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