Unique Architectural Models For Exhibition Hall

unique architectural models for city planning exbition hall with building and landscape Model scale : 1/1000 Model size : 8m x 10m Model Type : Exhibition Hall Model for city planning &development

Product Details

Unique architectural models for city planning exhibition hall with building and landscape

Model details


Features advantages

Metope, walls, doors and Windows

ABS Model for plate; Brand organic glass


metal copper; ABS; Gram force

floor decoration

Medium density board; Imitation stone ABS special plate model

Surface, water

Water lines organic glass

water ripple

AB glue water of LM

Scenario clear

Entourage of, people, car


Modelling lifelike

Entourage of greening grass meal

FALLER of Germany

Simple sense nice, not easy to change color

Scale Models

Recreating the finished project in miniature scale, physical models are mainly seen as representations for new building and boat designs. Architectural scale models is our main focus with our already extensive clientele base and immediate need.

Model Making

Building models, is an extremely labor intensive process, even more so than our 3D models. Each piece is made partially by hand and machine, with mistakes often meaning waste and re-milling. This all means that the cost of a physical scale model is more expensive than a 3D virtual one.

An expert in architectural models/ Miniature Buildings/ scale modeling

Section A: How to order

For Architecture Model, we would appreciate necessary information for the project such as :

•Site plan


•boundaries of the site plan that should be included on the scale model.


•Building floorplan

•Facades (master plan, elevation, section)

•Visualization, video if AP.

Section B: model making process and materials

All buildings adopt CAD drawing, TYPE3 software drawing carving. Construction process using the latest computer engraving machine work, seamless splicing.


1) the use of advanced computer laser cutting engraving machine cutting processing and fine processing technology;

(2) Milling machine, lathe, planer processing technology; Wire cutting processing technology;

(3) To use putty or solubility seamless bonding process of oxidation;

(4) Vacuum blister processing technology.

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