Master Villa Scale Model , 1:1000 Architectural Block Massing Model With Led Lighting

Model scale :1:1000  Model size :3m x 5m  Project name: America ACG Villa Resort Model  Model Material : Abs and acrylic  Architectural builidng +Landscape +lightings+grass cover +10 cm white base 

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Master villa scale model , 1:1000 architectural block massing model with led lighting

Quick Details: 

Model scale :1:1000 
Model size :3m x 5m 
Project name: America ACG Villa Resort Model 

Model Material : Abs and acrylic 

Architectural builidng +Landscape +lightings+grass cover +10 cm white base 

1:1000 scale model is typically used for masterplan models or site overview models for particularly big areas. Each metre on 

site is represented by 1mm on the model which means the amount of detail that can be shown is fairly limited. Consequently 

buildings are usually made as simplified massing blocks but if you scroll to Detailed scale villa model at the bottom right of the 

page you’ll see we can also pick out major areas of glazing if required. 

 Our business main including:

I. Model

· Commercial building models

· Urban planning models

· Residential building models

· Mechanical & simulation models

· Interior models

II. 3D Animation

· 3D architectural animatiom

· 3D architectural rendering

III. Sign

· Real estate signs

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Our company :

Guangzhou SY Achitectural Model Co.,Ltd, we specialize in creating civic, industrial, mixed use, 

residential,and other types of models. Trust our expertise to deliver superior quality within the timeframe you need it,and within 

your budget.We specialise in architectural models, but we also create industrial models, exhibition models, display models, 

fibreglass models, and topographical models. We even offer a laser cutting and laser engraving service. 

 Model material and Process

All buildings adopt CAD drawing, TYPE3 software drawing carving. Construction process using the

 latest computer engraving machine work, seamless splicing.



(1) the use of advanced computer laser cutting engraving machine cutting processing and fine

processing technology;

(2) milling machine, lathe, planer processing technology; Wire cutting processing technology;

(3) to use putty or solubility seamless bonding process of oxidation;

(4) vacuum blister processing technology.

Packaging & Delivery

 Packaging Details:Wooden case or as request

Delivery Detail:1.Within 15-20 working days 

                      2. According to the clients requirement ,We offer three kinds ways for you to choose (by sea or air or express)


Production Market

We have clients from both domestic and oversea market. Our main sales market: 


Model Making: Frequently Asked Questions:How the surface of the building model is made? 

A Common Method for Making Water Surface in Building Model

In the production of building models smaller scale of the water, the water surface and the height difference between the road can be ignored, can be directly used 

in blue and paste the shape of its tailoring. Cut, according to their location can be pasted. In addition, we can also use the occlusion coloring method for processing. 

The practice is to first apply the mask to the surface of the water, and then leak engraved. After engraving, with blue spray paint from the spray. Until the paint is dry,

 the mask can be peeled off.

In the production of building models larger scale of the water, the first consideration should be how to show the difference between the surface and the road surface. Generally the usual method is to first the surface of the surface of the surface of the air leakage treatment, and then transparent plexiglass plate or with a transparent plastic plate according to the design of the height difference posted on the air leakage, and blue from the paint in the transparent plate Spray the next color can be. In this way the performance of the surface, on the one hand can be the surface of the surface with the height difference expressed. On the other hand, the transparent 

plate in the sun and the bottom of the blue paint contrast, the simulation results are very good.

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