Scale 1:100 Model For Factory With Landscpae ,building Model

Scale 1:100 Model For Factory With Landscpae ,building Model

scale 1:100 model for factory with landscpae ,building model

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scale 1:100 model for factory with landscpae ,building model 

Craft description-for landscape

 1)all of the environment of the project in accordance with the landscape design drawings provided by party a fine realistic production, especially in the garden in the project
Forest landscape and commercial atmosphere build;
2)according to the landscape nodes, elaborate the plane drawing to create unique garden style;Fine production area within the scene
View sketch like water landscape, leisure square, etc; 
3), afforest environment to highlight the harmony between man and greening and high-grade building dish greening refined, high grade of green space, in the first place
To consider the high grade of ecological environment effect.Including using multi-level green plant structure stability of the artificial plant community.plant
Objects of quantity, quality and color change and unification, highlight the function of garden and its elegant environment, make the landscape and close to nature;
Greening plant species and the level of change, and through the setting of lamplight to realize individual landscape artistic conception;

  Craft  description-for building


1), building materials: all buildings will be with the most advanced imported materials to produce the model. The main material and the strength of America plate
"South Asia and Taiwan PVC" model is the main material of wall body, soft materials will be made of nissan ABS board to connect each other
(2), exterior doors and Windows: using real transparent texture of imported organic glass decoration, art decoration, texture would be more realistic, natural;
(3), model, color: imported British ICI hard matte plastic spray paint, color according to the requirements of party a, uniform color, the color bright beautiful, since
However, the real


Guangzhou szj building model co., LTD. Is China is still in building model the one of the pioneers of the industry, with exquisite craft, reputation to life.With the continuous improvement of technical level, has been in the model world of its own, and reputation.Won numerous designers in the industry my company, real estate developers, the government unit's affirmation and praise.复件 老外合影.JPG 

1.      American Leslie 1000 laser cutting machine: It has high strength laser which can penetrate 15mm thick hard material and accurately show any detail design of the building

2.      Besides, it is the most advanced equipment which with 110cm*85cm countertop in China and it provides the good function in presenting the complex facade design of buildings.

3.      JD-60B, it can guarantee all kinds of special requirements in plane, curved surface, 2d, 3d carved work. And it’s piece of cake to show the details of model.


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