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Scale:1:100/1:130/1:200 or as request Color:Painted as renderings Material: ABS,Acrylic,Plastic,wood ,metal and others as your requirements Technology: Engraving Machine,Laser Machine,Polishing Machine,Handmade. Facade: Acrylic, crystal, metal, wood, Plastic, based on the demands

Product Details

Architectural model making suppliers ,maquette architectural

Description of architectural building scale model with lighting

Brand Name

SZJ model




1:100/1:130/1:200 or as request


Perfect lighting




One set


Based on the rendering


Painted as renderings


ABS,Acrylic,Plastic,wood ,metal and others as your requirements


Engraving Machine,Laser Machine,Polishing Machine,Handmade.


Acrylic, crystal, metal, wood, Plastic, based on the demands


Room Decoraction And Furniture Model or Person model and so


Necessary document

The elevation,Section ,Plan Of the Skecth Model


For Real Estate,Collection for Art,Exhibition


Inmer:Plastic Filler Outside: solid wooden case

Payment Terms

T/T,Western Union

Delivery time

Usually 15-25 days after receiving the needed files or customized

Files formate

dwg,jpg,max,rhino,sketch up,CAD,PDF,JPG,etc.


(1)Greening effect: the environment turf adopts the German FALLER M773 # turf. The glass is evenly planted with a flocking machine. It is better to reflect the ecological environment.  Local plant species (including shrubs, trees, etc.) are reasonably planted. Lawn and flower pond are equipped with brightly colored flowers.

(2) Traffic network inside and outside the project is displayed well. Street lamps, lampholders, lane, green belt in the center of the road and a variety of vehicles are placed.  To highlight the project's excellent location, as well as to increase the dynamic model of the project effect, the vehicles on the road are set with realistic lighting effect in the front and back.

(3) The structure of the building is made according to the drawing data. Every detail is made meticulously. It realistically expresses every corner, line and point in this project. Wall texture, window, window frame, railings, balconies, architecture and other facade structure will be truly reflected. The color is realistic and the structure is well arranged. The overall effect is harmonious, and fully highlight its unique style.

The overall effect is outstanding, show a bustling atmosphere.


Our Main advantages

1. Rich factory experiences in Architectural model,3D animation and All kinds of Signs,

2. High quality products

3. Competitive price.

4. Unique design team and will offer you with the best solutions you need

1.Deliver fast and on time


Model Making FAQS
How much does a model cost? 
There are no definitive answers to this question as every model is a unique project. Prices range from less than a hundred dollors to many thousands of dollors. Big complicated models obviously cost more than small simple models but there are no fixed price bands that can be applied to these projects. The only way we can give a realistic estimate for your model is by looking at whatever information you have and getting a feel for how complex the project is - although, if necessary, we can give you a rough ball park figure just from a verbal description. 

Does it matter if I am not local? 
Not at all. We manufacture models for clients all over abroad. Information exchange and client liaison is all carried out via email or telephone and regular photographs keep you in touch with progress on your model. We usually find completed models can be signed off from photographs (although you may prefer to come in for a final inspection) and there are various options for delivery. 

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