Holiday Villa Beach 3d Building Model Miniature

Holiday villa beach 3d building model miniature FROM AUSTRALIA

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Product Details

Holiday villa beach 3d building model miniature 








What kind of material does the tree pond in the landscape model do? What to do?

1, with green powder production: First, the bottom of the pool and flower beds with white lotion or glue smear, and then deposited on the green powder, after the sprinkle hand press, press and then the excess part of the deal, so that completed the tree pool and Flower bed production. It should be emphasized here that the choice of green color should be divided into green-based, plus a small amount of red and yellow powder, so that the color sense closer to the actual effect.

2, with plastic chips and wood powder production: According to the color of the flower with a pigment stain, and then stuck in the flower bed, then flower bed with latex glue in the corresponding position of the model. Production models or decoration units have pull-Saw, when sawing plexiglass, especially sawing red, yellow two colors plexiglass, the sawdust collected can come in handy. If you cut a small piece of flocking paper coated with plastic foam, and then sprinkle with red, yellow color sawdust, remove the extra part became a flower bed or flower garden.

3, with macroporous foam production: first dyed foam pieces shredded, and then glue the accumulation, you can form a tree pool or flower beds. In color performance, there are generally two forms: it is formed by a variety of colors and irregular trajectory and the second is the form of natural dizzy, that is, with yellow gradually transformed into green, or from yellow to red gradually transition The formation of a performance method of dizzy. In addition, the treatment of the outer boundary line method and the use of green powder handling very different. With macroporous foam accumulation, the outer boundary line to be treated naturally into a jagged feeling, so the effect of treatment is more natural and unique.

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