Construction Villa Miniature 3d Building Model

Model name : Beihai Gold Coast Model size : 2m*1.4m Model scale : 1:100 Light system : Press switch control , yellow and cold color Building +landscaping +glass cover + Aluminum edge

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Construction villa miniature 3d building model

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Gold Coast project land is located in the south of the city center of Beihai, Sichuan Road and Jiangsu Road at the crossroads, the plot was rectangular, east long 348.96 meters, 349.62 meters long west, south long 193.71 meters long, north long 193.72 meters, The total area of 67,662 square meters (101.60 acres).

Area: 4679.48㎡ 

Building area: 78900㎡ 

Number of households: 193 

Developer: Beihai Dacheng Real Estate Co., Ltd

Property Company: Guangxi Silver Bay Property Management Co., Ltd

Model name : Beihai Gold Coast

Model size : 2m*1.4m

Model scale : 1:100

Light system : Press switch control , yellow and cold color 

Building +landscaping +glass cover + Aluminum edge

Environmental landscape:  

all the landscape landscape full of realistic elaborate, more detailed embodiment of the project features, terrain height difference between the accurate production of the landscape node fine performance: plant landscaping, leisure lawn, walking landscape axis, ecological leisure corridor, Residential entrance, green wide. Field, underground garage entrance, parking and other realistic way to express, and with the relevant fashionable exquisite pieces.

photobank (1).jpg

photobank (2).jpg

2.Main Materials for models:


AbsShenzhenFacade, Wall ,Pillar
AcrylicKoreaConstruction Accessories
Led lightTaiwanFor built-in light
Other  MaterialsGuangzhouConstruction Accessories



1. How much does a model cost?

There are no definitive answers to this question as every model is a unique project. 

2. What information is required to supply a quotation? 

(1) size and scale for the model

(2)  cad drawing of building (floor plan,  elevation), 3d rendering or sketch-up drawing

(3)  Other special requirements for the landscape, light and base etc 

3. What materials will the model be made from?

ABS plastic and Acrylic  

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