Scale Model Maker With Architectural Model Lighting ,3d Physical Plaza Building Model

​Scale model maker with architectural model lighting ,3d physical plaza building model Model scale :1:100 Model size : 1.8m*1.6m Project name: TYPLAZA

Product Details

Scale model maker  with architectural model lighting ,3d physical plaza building model

Quick Details: 

Model type: beach building model 
Material: ABS plastic and acrylic 
Techniques: Laser cutting, engraving machine, polish machine  
Size: Customized  (usually 1:50,1:100,1:150,1:200 for house model )(1:20,1:25,1:30 for interior model)
Color: As rendering 
Usage: For real estate selling, displaying 
Lighting: Led light 
Service time: 5years 
Software: 3D max+photoshop 
More details: with landscape, trees, cars, etc


Payment Terms:
By T/T , L/C, Western Union, Money gram or others


Product Description:
Scale model maker with architectural model lighting ,3d physical plaza building model

Model scale :1:100
Model size : 1.8m*1.6

Project name: TYPLAZA

Architectural building +landscape + lights+60cm wooden base stand+grass cover 

Building wall USES the Japanese ABS (1.0 mm to 1.5 mm thick) model special plastic board and "mitsubishi" the strength of plank, according to the figure of computer system, Lasercut laser cutting exterior burnish spray paint color, and according to the design of color separation process;Interval wall according to the drawing size with a computer system, and USES the Japanese ABS model rubber sheet (3.0 mm to 5.0 mm) made of machine tool cutting, polishing paint color, exterior wall in building external wall color spray color


Our company :

Guangzhou szj building model co., LTD. Is China is still in building model the one of the pioneers of the industry, with exquisite craft, reputation to life.With the continuous improvement of technical level, has been in the model world of its own, and reputation.Won numerous designers in the industry my company, real estate developers, the government unit's affirmation and praise.


Our Production Room for model making: 

 1. Over  3000  square meter   workshop,we can make models according to your requirements and needs, such as scale, 

size and others to make your products perfect.   

2.  Customized service. Just provide the pictures or drawing, we can customize the scales for you.




Our business main including:

1.Real Estate Model

2.Zone Planning Model

     Commercial Building Models  

3.Project   Building Model

     Residential Building Models

4.Industrial   workshop model

     Unit Model  

5.3D Rendering   and Animations 

     Villa Model

Model packing and shipment:


Our have a large marketing from oversea:


Based on our good service and good quality,many customers have good feedback:


For architectural models in particular we need:

1: The scale size

2: The CAD plan, elevation, section and site planning drawing

3: 3d rendering or sketch-up drawing

4: Other special requirements for the landscape, light and base etc 

If you are interested in our models, please feel free to contact me, and welcome to visit our company.

We'll give you the best service and reasonable price. Looking forward to an honest cooperation

with you! 

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Guangzhou SY Architecture Model Co,Ltd.

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