Making Architectural Models For Commercial And Office Building

Model scale : 1/150 scael  Model size:  1.5m x 1.0m  Model material : abs and acrylic for main material , with model trees, cars , human figures. Light: building with inside warm led lighting + flash lighting Building details: Main building with full details +65cm base

Product Details

making architectural models for commercial and office building

Product details for Residential scale model:

Model scale : 1/150 

Model size:  1.5m x 1.0m 

Model material : abs and acrylic for main material , with model trees, cars , human figures.

Light: building with inside warm led lighting + flash lighting

Building details: Main building with full details , other buildings are showed by white block + 65cm base stand for model

Residential model making details:

  1. Building making :

Balcony, balustrade, decorative lines,windows ,roof shape ,ect,all of them are carved by CNC laser with high quality 

Acyrlic glass and high polymer ABS sheet and same as rendering ; all building are made realistically, and Considering 

the combination of landscape, waterscape, and greenland with buildings;Building inside installate warm and cool color 

LED lights, outdoor installate clearance light, balcony lamp, making building more sweet and comfortable


2.Lighting making 

The whole model use circuit board integrated device for the light system, using single switch for control, can  set up different light color.Led light can set for integral light, 40% lighting , 60%,ect.Meanwhilee ,building also used Japanese importing led lights with white and yellow lights to make building have a dynamic effect(Beating notes, meteor trail, tetris, coming on gradually dark and cold);Lights through window give warmth feeling , and make the visitors to have good lenovo that can promote investment desire;


3.Commercial building around performance

Commercial performance is mainly through the colorful merchandise, fashion advertising, and  the perspective shops under the ground. The most important is the lighting rendering, the building uses single warm light, combined with three-color LED and small patch of warm tone light which can highlight the strong business climate. In order to refect the head 

position of the commercial brand .With detial things , can make model .with a strong business atmosphere nd real effect.


Model Packing details:

  Packaging Details:   1.Inner:Plastic warp
  2.Outside:Wooden case or as requet


   Delivery Detail:

  within 10-15 working days

  according to the model size and discuss with customer

We offer two kinds ways for you to choose  (by sea or air)

Our company : 

SY Model ,a professional architecture model studio committed to quality scale models, we are building model for government ,real estates developers.

We build precise scale models for national and international clients.  These models are used in sales, training aids,as topotables, presentations, and displays.  We have a special expertise in building detailed scale models to your specifications giving you a realistic architectural model down to the smallest detail. 

We would like you take the time to visit our model gallery to see some of our projects. Take a look at the accurate to scale detail  that go into making architectural model. The result is more clear and precise model with astounding realism that makes it a more effective communication tool.

Do you have question about the benefits of building a detail scale architectural model?

We have answers . We want to do a  presentation model that will impress your clients and project your company’s excellent image as it should be。 

A professional model shop 


Our Business Mainly Including: 

Architectural Models 

City model 

Display Models 

Display stands 

Exhibition Models 

Fibreglass Models 

Floor Plan Model 

Illuminated Models 

Industrial Models 

Industrial warehouse model 

Interactive Model 

Internal view model 

landscape model 

Laser Engraving 

Laser-cut model 

Life-size models 

Marketing model 

Masterplan Model 

Office Installations 

Product Models 

Room layout model 

Sales Model 

Topographical model 

White Models

If you are interested in our models, please contact me freely, and welcome to visit our company.

We'll give you the best service and reasonable price. Looking forward to an honest cooperation

with you! 

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Guangzhou SZJ Architecture Model Co., Ltd.








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