Architectural Maquette Real Estate House Model

Architectural Maquette Real Estate House Model

Architectural maquette real estate house model

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 Architectural maquette real estate house model 

 Lighting installation:

Model of lighting installation, first obtains from the standardization of the chassis, because of the model area is larger, independent block is more, in order to facilitate and standardize the joining together of each piece of model base plate, the plate in each block set, unified installation relatively independent and connected power supply circuit system, and under every dish plate embedded cables, corresponding interface.Bottom plug parallel connection between current, signal.Converted to 20 v, 220 v by laying a special power supply channel in advance the following current electricity, set up the total controller centralized control.Monomer production independent installation, detection, the overall installation and overall connection through the special interface (embedded), photoelectric adopt imported microcircuit, lamps and lanterns, in the main building and street light, in the pool can be set up lights, and through a variety of techniques to create unique ornamental effect at night.By different color light source configuration, to distinguish different parts and function, and can achieve the visual effect of rich at the same time.Due to the lamps and lanterns, electrical appliances are used for low voltage, and voltage regulator service life is longer, without considering the cooling problem, need to consider the heat dissipation and replacement measures mainly the overall model of the core light.For this, we adopt independent light configuration, one thousand fails, can take out from under the chassis to replace and repair in time, and will not affect the normal display of the model

Model picture:

photobank (5).jpg


For architectural models in particular we need:


1: The scale size


2: The CAD plan, elevation, section and site planning drawing


3: 3d rendering or sketch-up drawing


4: Other special requirements for the landscape, light and base etc 

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