3d Customized Scale Model ,reliable Suppliers Of 3d Model Building

3d customized scale model ,reliable suppliers of 3d model building Model scale: 1:100 Model size : 1.2m x 1.4m Model type: Australian Waterford Model Building model with light +landscape +landscape light +60cm height wooden stand base

Product Details

3d customized scale model ,reliable suppliers of 3d model building

Production Details:

3d customized scale model ,reliable suppliers of 3d model building

Model scale: 1:100 

Model size : 1.2m x 1.4m 

Model type:  Australian Waterford Model  

Building model with light +landscape +landscape light +60cm height wooden stand base

The main color with quietly elegant is tonal for fundamental key, configuration of the building lighting effects.Detail model building, manifests the construction the characteristics and the overall sense.

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Our business main including:

1.Real Estate Model

2.Zone Planning Model

     Commercial Building Models  

3.Project   Building Model

     Residential Building Models

4.Industrial   workshop model

     Unit Model  

5.3D Rendering   and Animations 

     Villa Model

Some Details of Making Models:

1.Sketch for Making model:


2.Main Materials for models:

AbsShenzhen Facade, Wall ,Pillar
AcrylicKorea Construction Accessories
Led lightTaiwan For built-in light
Other  MaterialsGuangzhou Construction Accessories

Our company:

Guangzhou szj building model co., LTD. Is China is still in building model the one of the pioneers of the industry, with exquisite craft, reputation to life.With the continuous improvement of technical level, has been in the model world of its own, and reputation.Won numerous designers in the industry my company, real estate developers, the government unit's affirmation and praise.


Our factory and production process:

Model as the real estate industry boom, is still in the market share rising, the company scale increasing, now has nearly 3000 square meters of office space and architectural model of the world's advanced equipment, to become China's model industry one of the industry's most competitive companies.Choose my company at home and abroad the latest model of high quality materials and the environment greening trees and flowers, landscape, sculpture, transport and other accessories, the integrated use of sound, light, electricity, water, fog, magnetic, multimedia, automation control, into the light and sound in today's fashion production means and water spray, spray flow technology, using the modern simulation architecture model interprets the designers of space, shapes, landscape of the unique idea, to create a more perfect, the most powerful model works.



Packaging details:  


Inner:Plastic warp  Outside:Wooden case or as request


Our marketing :


Clients feedback:


1.High quality abs and acrylic for main material , with led light , cars , trees, figures landscape on model

2..It is good way for marketing , display , exhibition and presentation for real estate developers , architect design , ect.

3..Any scale for model can be customized , 1/50,1/100,1/150, 1/1000 or others.

4..Different lighting are available . Warm light , white light or other colorful light

5.Model can make into normal physical models, digital model or interactive model with ipad control and touch screen control.


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