3d Architectural Building Scale Model Making

Model scale :1:160 Base : wooden material Model Material : ABS for body and Acrylic for window, wood for base Light : led light ,yellow and cold color Building clor : based on drawings or color card. Landscape : Trees ,cars ,umbrella,chars,mini peoples,led lights

Product Details

Quick Details: 
Model type: Residential building model 
Material: ABS plastic and acrylic 
Techniques: Laser cutting, engraving machine, polish machine  
Size: Customized  (usually 1:50,1:100,1:150,1:200 for house model )(1:20,1:25,1:30 for interior model)
Color: As rendering 
Usage: For real estate selling, displaying 
Lighting: Led light  
Software: 3D max+photoshop 
More details: with landscape, trees, cars, etc

Product Description:

3d architectural building scale model making

Model scale :1:160

Base : wooden material 

Model Material : ABS for body and Acrylic for window, wood for base

Light : led light ,yellow and cold color

Building clor : based on drawings or color card.

Landscape : Trees ,cars ,umbrella,chars,mini peoples,led lights

(1), architectural lighting: the interior of the building will be set to warm lighting "Wanjia lights" lighting effects, creating a warm atmosphere of the scene.

(2), the environment and landscape lighting: will set the grass lamp, wide field flow lights, underground garage entrance flow lights, plant lighting, and with a variety of photoelectric effects, such as grass, trees installed green lights, flowers installed color Lamps, street lamps installed white lights, wide field installation of white mobile lights and so on.






1. Payment term: We accept VISA, Western Union, T/T. Money gram

2. Payment: 50% deposit in advance, and the 50% balance before the shipment.

3. Lead Time: 25-35 working days, after all the parts confirmed by buyer and we will arrange the production in 30 


Packaging & Delivery:

1.    Inner: Plastic warp  

2.     Outside: Wooden case or as request

3.    Time : delivery by logistics in 5-7working days

4.      According to the model size and discuss with customer ,We offer three kinds ways for you to choose (by sea or air or express)

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Do you repair or update models? 
We are frequently asked to repair or update models made by other companies who are either no longer trading or are too far away to be cost effective for minor amendments. Please feel free to contact us for a quotation regarding any work on an existing model you may have. 

Does the model need a stand or legs? 
This depends on the size of the model and where you are intending to display it. Smaller models can be displayed on any desk or suitably sturdy table. For larger models we can provide either a purpose built plinth or removable legs. We can offer a wide variety of designs and materials. 

Can you supply a flight case (travel case) for the model? 
Modelmakers can provide a custom-built case to any dimensions or specifications you require.

 How much does a model cost? 
There are no definitive answers to this question as every model is a unique project. Prices range from less than a hundred dollors to many thousands of dollors. Big complicated models obviously cost more than small simple models but there are no fixed price bands that can be applied to these projects. The only way we can give a realistic estimate for your model is by looking at whatever information you have and getting a feel for how complex the project is - although, if necessary, we can give you a rough ball park figure just from a verbal description. 

Does it matter if I am not local? 
Not at all. We manufacture models for clients all over abroad. Information exchange and client liaison is all carried out via email or telephone and regular photographs keep you in touch with progress on your model. We usually find completed models can be signed off from photographs (although you may prefer to come in for a final inspection) and there are various options for delivery. 

What information is required to supply a quotation? 
To provide a fixed price quotation for a model, ideally we require a fairly comprehensive set of drawings but we understand this isn’t always possible. As a basic guideline, for an architectural model we would require a site plan with some indication of levels (unless it’s flat) plus several elevations of the new development. Site photographs are also very useful. For display models or exhibition models we need as many images, drawings or 3D views of the proposed design as possible. But if you are at the very early stages of a project we can supply a rough cost from very minimal information. 

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