Abs Architectural Scale House Model Making

Model Name : HIGH STREET RETIREMENT LIVING Model Scale : 1:200 Model Size : 110cm*170cm*50cm(high)

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Abs architectural scale house model , 3d building model



Model Scale : 1:200

Model Size : 110cm*170cm*50cm(high)

 In the main model making, there are some very common operation details to deal with the need to pay attention to, one is the wall of the building, the better processing method is to build the glue before the first two walls to be glued to the edge of the cutter or the world Knife cut into 45 °, this will be better to see the junction, rather than the vertical wall should be glued together; Second, the processing of the arc, cut the circle, cut the arc, counterclockwise than better, with the thumb, The forefinger and the middle finger clip the knife and use the little finger as the fulcrum. When the knife is cut, the knife rotates around the tip of the little finger, and the ring finger is used to control the direction of the knife edge, and a smooth arc can be cut out.




For architectural models in particular we need:


1: The scale size


2: The CAD plan, elevation, section and site planning drawing


3: 3d rendering or sketch-up drawing


4: Other special requirements for the landscape, light and base etc 

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